This story about Isaac and Rebekah reads like a romance novel.

Read Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67.

If the story of Hagar and Ishmael in Chapter 21 reads like a soap opera, this one about Isaac and Rebekah reads like a romance novel. The very wealthy Abraham sends a servant to find from among his kin, a bride for his son, Isaac. The servant takes this task very seriously, asking the Lord to send a sign so that he will know who to choose. Rebekah enters the scene, offering water to both the servant and his camels. Her father agrees to the terms, as does Rebekah.

I find it interesting that they gave her the choice of waiting or going right away, a rare opportunity of self-agency for a girl in that culture. As they approach Isaac’s encampment, it’s love at first sight. Romantic, yes, but what does this story tell us about God and about the life of faith? In what ways did the servant, Rebekah, and her family act faithfully, trusting God’s ability to guide? In what ways did God show up for the servant, for Isaac, and for Rebekah? What tools did the characters in the story use to discern God’s will? How do you discern God’s will? Are there people in your life that you trust to help you know God’s will?

Think of a situation that is calling you to make some type of decision and offer it to God in prayer, trusting that God will guide you into a beneficial outcome for everyone affected by your choice.


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