Where do your allegiances lie?

Read Revelation 5:11-14.

With Revelations, we sometimes get so caught up in the vivid imagery which evokes a wide range of emotions in people, we miss the overarching theme of the book: that God and God’s lamb, alone, are worthy of our worship. In the writer’s time and place, worship of God would have stood in contrast to allegiance to the Roman government. In this reading, the Lamb (Jesus) is at the center. He is the subject of every creature’s adoration and praise.

This causes us to consider our own time and place, asking who and what receive a majority of our attention and energy. Where do your allegiances lie? What object of devotion might rival your allegiance to God? How does that object of devotion align with God’s kingdom? What steps might you take to realign your allegiance with the One who deserves your devotion?

Today, take a walk or sit by an open window and consider the ways nature is singing praise to God.


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