When, Lord?

Quite often, we do not even recognize the significance of those things we do or do not do to others, but Jesus reminds us that he is there in each of those decisions.

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We Are God’s

“He has made us and we are his.” This profound truth is so easy to forget when we become overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, or despair.

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Good Shepherd

In what ways do you sense the Good Shepherd gathering you in, healing, and sustaining you?

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Welcome Committee

If Jesus was coming to visit your home, our church, or our community, what parts would you show off to him?

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All of Me

This passage is an invitation to surrender your whole self to God.

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Burying the Gift

In burying his talent, the third servant has embraced an attitude of scarcity and fear and in essence, has buried himself.

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Bathed in the Light

How can we, as individuals and as a faith community, affirm the worth and belonging of those who may feel otherwise?

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