Among the Living

This psalm reminds us of the importance of “keeping among the living.”

Read Psalm 66:8-20.

This is a psalm of praise for God’s recurring acts of deliverance from the various trials and tribulations of life. The psalmist believes that any experiences of struggle are either brought on by or allowed by God, but not for purposes of punishment. Rather, the difficulties of life strengthen and purify one’s faith.

The phrase, “Bless our God…who has kept us among the living,” stands out for me this week. Often, when we are going through an especially difficult time, it is easy to turn inwardly and to self-isolate. But this psalm reminds us of the importance of “keeping among the living.” Those are the times we most need to surround ourselves with signs of life – with love and laughter and tears and meals shared – with walks and visits on the front porch and card games. Reminding ourselves that God has kept us among the living is what brings us out to a “spacious place”.

How is God keeping you among the living during times when it seems like we are more and more isolated from one another? What activities help you to keep connected with others? Offer a prayer of praise for everything that God has brought you through.


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