Bound to Sin?

Do you ever feel ‘bound to sin’?

Read Romans 11:1-2, 29-32.

These verses capture the essence of Paul’s theology. Because we are human, we are prone to brokenness and sin. We have a tendency to seek our own desires no matter the cost to our spiritual, emotional, or physical health, and no matter the cost to others. And yet, does God reject us? By no means, insists Paul! God continues to work through the grace of Jesus Christ to turn us towards the good and to redeem all people, even those who Paul and his contemporaries might have viewed as outside the circle of God’s redemption.

Do you ever feel ‘bound to sin,’ as Paul puts it? Can you think of any good that has come from your sin? Are there any former sins that no longer seem to have a hold over you?

In prayer, thank God for continuing to draw you towards goodness and life.


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