Buying Land

Obedient to the word of God, Jeremiah buys land in the presence of many witnesses.

Read Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15.

As Jeremiah is hunkered down in the center of the besieged Jerusalem, he is instructed to buy land. It seems a strange time to be buying land. There is no knowing if they will even survive this siege, let alone put the land to any good use. Obedient to the word of God, though, Jeremiah buys the land in the presence of many witnesses and places the deed in an earthenware jar for safekeeping. This is a tangible act of faith that, amid the destruction, there is yet a hopeful future.

Often, when things seem out of control in our lives or in our world, we turn inwardly in self-protection. We fail to step out in faith or trust that better days are ahead. What signs have you seen that God is planning a hope-filled future for your life or for the world? How, in your own life, have you served as a witness to that promise? In what ways might God be calling you to take a chance on a future relationship, ministry, job, etc.?

In prayer, ask God for the courage to step out boldly in faith.


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