Cleaning House

Jesus swept this man's spirit clean and the news of his transformation spread like wildfire.

Read Mark 1:21-28.

In Jesus’ first act of ministry as reported in the gospel of Mark, we find both confrontation and healing. The unclean spirit that had been inhabiting the man felt threatened by Jesus’ presence and teaching, and so pushed back. In those days, a person who had any sort of mental illness or did not conform in some way to the community’s expectations was considered demon-possessed or unclean. We do not know the specifics of this man’s condition, but we are told that after this encounter with Jesus, the story of his transformation spread like wildfire.

What unclean spirits possess you? Could it be anger, stubbornness, self-doubt, cynicism, fear, anxiety, sadness…? Imagine Jesus calling that spirit to leave you. As it flows out, what might flow in to fill the space left behind? How would you recognize that change in yourself? What difference would the people around you see?

In prayer, ask Jesus to sweep your soul clean of the negative forces that possess you and invite the life-giving Spirit of God to fill you to overflowing.


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