Come and Follow

Think about everything the nets represent in this story.

Read Mark 1:14-20.

Think about everything the nets represent in this story: their income, their identity as fishermen, everything they’ve been able to accomplish up to this point in their lives. Characteristic of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus calls and they immediately drop everything and follow. There does not seem to be a moment’s hesitation or a weighing of risks vs. rewards. Jesus calls and they leave everything they know behind.

Imagine Jesus showing up while you’re just going about your business and asking you to drop everything and follow him. What would be hardest to let go? What would you be glad to leave behind? What hopes would you have in joining with Jesus’ mission and ministry? Where might Jesus be calling you even now?

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the many times and the many ways that Jesus calls you into the work of sharing the Good News.


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