Here, Wisdom is portrayed as a woman calling out on the street, anxious to be heard. To her disappointment, even those who hear disregard her counsel.

Read Proverbs 1:20-33.

“Fine,” we can hear her saying. “If you’re not going to listen, then whatever happens is on you.”

I have said that exact sentence many times as a parent. And like lady Wisdom, I have also said, “And I’m not going to feel sorry for you when you get hurt (or get in trouble or fail the class or disappoint a friend, etc.).” Sometimes we are headstrong and unwilling to listen to the wisdom of others – especially if it isn’t what we want to hear or if it challenges us to rethink something on which we’ve already made up our mind.

The good news is that God, like a good parent should, suffers alongside us the pain and the sorrow that comes when we make bad decisions. We feel the consequences, but we aren’t alone in it. God is right there, pointing us toward life, light, and love once again.

Who have been the wise counsels in your life? Whose wisdom have you trusted in the past and whose wisdom do you trust today? Think of a time when you didn’t listen to what turned out to be good advice? What was the person’s reaction to your choice? Think of a time when you were asked for advice. From where did you draw your wisdom?

In prayer, ask God for help in recognizing wise voices in your life and for a willingness to listen.


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