Did, Does, Will Do

God's mercy spans time - past, present, and future.

Read Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13.

Notice that the first two verses hearken back to the time God did act on behalf of God’s people and the last portion of the reading finds promise in what God will do. Like us, the psalmist stands at the intersection between the past and the future. We celebrate the forgiveness and acceptance that God has extended in the past, but we recognize that we are human and need that grace on an ongoing basis. Even though we continue to struggle with misplaced allegiances, pride, or self-indulgence, there will come a day when the world will be brought to its Center – where the love and faithfulness, the righteousness and peace of God will hold the world in balance.

What “sins of the past” do you imagine God has forgiven? What evidence do you see that helps you to believe that God is, in fact, merciful? What steps are you taking in your life today to prevent future sin?

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the mercy God has shown you to this point in your life and a prayer of confession for those areas in your life that break down your relationship with God, community, and self. Find peace in an assurance of God’s pardon.


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