Everything in Balance

This psalm points to the interconnectedness and balance of the created order.

Read Psalm 104.

This psalm is a song of praise for God’s generosity in providing for all of creation. It also points to the interconnectedness and balance of the created order. Sun and rain and wind work together to provide sustenance for every living thing. People sleep while lions hunt and lions sleep while people work. The song paints a picture of the cycle of life and the breath of God as part of that cycle. Even death gives birth to renewal.

And then we get to vs. 35. “Let sinners be consumed from the earth, and let the wicked be no more.” This may sound like a call for God to punish the psalmist’s perceived enemies. I wonder if, instead, it is a declaration that there is no place for sin or wickedness in the world when it is operating as God intended it to.

How can you tell when you are functioning according to God’s intention in terms of your relationships, your mental or physical health, your work, or your practice of faith? Is there now, or has there ever been a time in your life, a sense of balance? What practices help you to restore that balance and recognize the interconnectedness of the various parts of your life?

Today, spend some time in silence, focusing on the gift of breath, and on the sights, scents, sounds, and sensations around you.


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