Love demands patience, kindness, humility, hopefulness, and persistence. This is the foolishness of the cross.

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.

In this passage, Paul almost savors the idea that what makes sense in the kingdom of God that Jesus lived and taught makes absolutely no sense in earthly terms. He settles on the dichotomy of foolishness and wisdom, but there are many others to think about. Isolation and connection; stoicism and vulnerability; strength and weakness; body and spirit; life and death.

In the age after Jesus’ death and resurrection – the age in which we still find ourselves, death no longer has the last word. The worst thing is never the last thing. The instrument of torture (the cross) is now the spring of life. How foolish it is to think that the God of the universe cares enough about people like you and me – broken and confused as we may be – that God would take on flesh, come to live among us, be subjected to the worst humankind has to offer, and turn death on its ear – all of it for love. But remember, as foolish as it seems, what love demands. Look to chapter 13 in this same letter. Love demands patience, kindness, humility, hopefulness, and persistence.

What elements of our Christian community might seem foolish to the world around us? What elements of worldly wisdom seem foolish to the way of Christ?

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the love God continues to use in creating, redeeming, and sustaining.


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