God’s Faithfulness

An important step in living as God’s people is giving thanks.

Read Psalm 50:1-8, 22-23.

In this psalm, we are reminded that God continues to honor the covenant which is made over and over throughout the Old Testament: “I will be your God and you will be my people.” God speaks through the beauty of a sunset and the whisper of the wind, and continues to rescue and redeem us from troubles of our own making. We, as God’s people, have not always held up our end of the covenant, though. We have turned from God’s call to care for the poor, the ill, the lonely, the imprisoned, and the foreigner.

If we are to be God’s people, the expectation is that we should live like God’s people. An important step in living as God’s people is giving thanks. Gratitude for God’s mercy and provision helps us to remember that we depend on God for all that is good in this life. Offering gratitude leads to a spirit of generosity. It helps us to be more generous with our resources, but also with our time and our empathy and compassion. When we are grateful for the mercy God has given us, we become more merciful ourselves.

Today offer a prayer of thanksgiving and commit yourself to living with more gratitude.


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