Golden Calf

Which “idols” threaten to disrupt your devotion to God?

Read Exodus 32:1-14.

As Moses is up on Mt. Sinai receiving the Law, the Israelites become impatient. For them, Moses represents God and without him, they feel lost. As a result, they create another stand-in, breaking the command regarding idols before the ink is even dry on the stone tablets. Often, when we feel God is distant or we feel empty or alone, our reaction is to find something to stand in for God. We may build “bigger barns,” filling them with money, possessions, or titles. We may try to fill the void with the praise and gratitude of others. We may cram our calendars full of activities and obligations.

Which “idols” threaten to disrupt your devotion to God? What activities or relationships take up most of your time? How can you strike a healthy balance between the things of this world and your devotion to God?

Offer a prayer of confession for those thoughts, behaviors, and activities that take your attention away from God and God’s will for your life.


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