Grief and Regret

One of the difficulties of grief has to do with regret.

Read 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27.

In this passage, David passionately grieves the deaths of Saul and Jonathan. What is interesting about this is that Saul, out of jealousy, had repeatedly tried to have David killed. Jonathan was his very best friend, who had sacrificed his own claim to the throne for David. And David grieves both losses. Maybe what he is grieving about Saul’s death has to do with the lost opportunity for making amends, for working together, or for building a mutually beneficial relationship. One of the difficulties of grief has to do with regret – not only over things we have done or said, but also over things we have failed to do or say.

Is there someone in your life from whom you are estranged? If you never had another chance to speak to them, what regrets would you have? What would you say or do if you were to see them again? If you reached out to this person, would you be emotionally and physically safe?

If so, prayerfully consider reaching out to them and testing the waters for some sort of reconciliation.


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