Home for the Holidays

During the holidays, we go to a place where we can feel grounded and centered.

Read Psalm 122.

Here, the psalmist rejoices in the opportunity to go to the temple in Jerusalem, which is “built as a city that is bound firmly together.” Jerusalem is home base for those of Jewish faith. It has almost a gravitational pull for those wishing to ground and center themselves in their faith, for those who wish to experience belonging, connection, and the peace that comes with feeling safe.

This psalm puts me in mind of what many of us do on Thanksgiving. We go to a place where we can feel grounded and centered, where we understand how we fit and we know what role each person holds. This may be the home in which we were raised or a group of friends who have become like family. We must be mindful, though, that for some, family gatherings do not feel safe or peaceful. Or maybe there are those who live too far from family to get together. Or maybe someone has recently lost their special person and this is the first holiday alone.

Is there anyone you know who might be dreading the family get-together? Are you aware of someone who will be spending the day alone? How could you include this person in your own celebration or at least reach out to them to remind them that they are not alone?


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