How Long?

How long will we have to pay for the mistakes of past generations?

Read Psalm 79:1-9.

In this reading, the psalmist is speaking of the destruction of Jerusalem and lamenting the continuing struggle for Israel. They understand the spiritual and political problems of Israel to be a prolonged punishment, enacted by God, for the sins of their ancestors. Essentially, they are asking, “How long will we have to pay for the mistakes of past generations?”

How has your life been affected – for the better or for worse – by the choices and actions of previous generations? Can you think of specific examples? Have you expressed thanks to an older relative for the positive impact their life has had on yours? Is there a situation in your life where you feel you are still paying for the choices someone else made?

If so, offer this situation to God. Pray for the Spirit to heal and soothe any wounds you may have.


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