In Contrast

Jesus contrasts the scribes, who make a good show of their faith, with the widow, who quietly gives what she can.

Read Mark 12:38-44.

This reading has Jesus comparing two types of people. Jesus first points to the scribes, who are esteemed in their communities and in the synagogues, who make a good show of their faith while at the same time, making money off the backs of the poor. In contrast, he notices the widow who, out of her meager resources, quietly and unobtrusively gives what she can.

Think about the people in your life who have made time for you even when they were very busy or been generous when they didn’t have much money for themselves. Has there been someone who took time to show care or concern for you even though they were dealing with their own set of problems? These are examples of people giving out of their poverty just like the widow who Jesus uses as the example of faithfulness.

Today, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those people who have been generous with their time, money, and attention, even when they had little to give.


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