It’s Friday

“It is finished.”

Read John 18:1-30.

“It is finished.” Jesus’ suffering is over, but his suffering is only part of the story. If it all ended with him dying on the cross, Jesus and his little band of followers would have hardly merited a mention in Jewish history. We know what happens on Easter morning and we can anticipate that celebration, but we must first witness the depth of human cruelty and suffering.

We must recognize our own participation, even today, when we turn inwardly towards our own needs, when we are careless with another’s spirit, when we deny or turn a blind eye or perpetuate hate. We must hear the promise that, even when we are at our worst, Christ loves us enough to suffer for our redemption. It is a gift we could not even imagine asking for or receiving from another person. And yet Jesus, Emmanuel, God-With-Us, endured it all to save us from ourselves, to redeem us, and to restore us to right relationship with God. We can sit in the despair of Good Friday, knowing that Sunday is coming.

If you have a few minutes today, watch the following video:

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s a-Comin’


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