It’s Not All Up to You!

As humans, we have a tendency to think that everything depends on us.

Read Psalm 62:5-12.

As humans, we have a tendency to think that everything depends on us. We work hard to achieve happiness and satisfaction for ourselves and the people we love. Sometimes, we find we are pursuing the wrong things and they leave us feeling disappointed and dissatisfied. We find ourselves in a difficult spot and we drive ourselves crazy trying to fix things. This psalm reminds us that God is trustworthy and willing to listen. God offers a safe place to land if we are seeking refuge. How much lighter is the load if we are willing to let God carry it with us!

One of the prayers in the United Methodist Book of Worship says, “O God, who gave us birth, you are ever more ready to hear than we are to pray.” This psalm also reminds us that prayer is a two-way conversation. We lay it all out before God – our hopes and dreams, our celebrations and our failures, our fears and sadness – and then we wait in silence for God to speak in a moment of inspiration or through a trusted friend or in the way things line up just perfectly.

Today, lay it all out before God. Don’t leave anything out. Be open and honest. And then sit quietly for as long as you have the time or attention span to listen. Ask, “What word do you have for me today, Lord?”


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