Missing the Point

Once he has ascended, Jesus' disciples stand there staring at the sky, waiting for him to do something else.

Read Acts 1:1-11.

These disciples of Jesus, who had seen and heard his miracles and teachings both before his death and after his resurrection, still don’t quite get it. They are still thinking that the work of the Messiah is about restoring their nation’s power over other nations. They still do not seem to understand that the kingdom of God is not a geographical location, but a state of being and a standard for equity and justice within and among humankind.

Jesus has shown that it’s not about who has the most power, who sits on top, or who deserves reverence, but instead is about living the values and ideals of the kingdom of which he speaks. This also shows that they have not yet grasped that the Spirit which Jesus promises will equip and empower them to be a part of bringing about this change. Once he has ascended, they stand there staring at the sky, waiting for Jesus to do something else.

When you think of the kingdom of God, what does that look like? Where or when have you seen glimpses of that vision? In what ways has the Holy Spirit equipped or empowered you to be a part of this transformation? In what situation could you partner with God to bring about positive change?

In prayer, ask for clarity and wisdom around what the kingdom of God is and for a vision of your part in bringing it about.


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