Have you ever had an assured sense of God’s nearness in your life?

Read Psalm 63:1-8.

Here, the psalmist expresses a deep, almost physical desire for God. They have experienced God both in powerful worship and in the quiet of the night. Theirs is a tangible sense of God’s presence, so close that they can reach up and touch the protective wing of God, they can cling to God, and they can feel the hand of God upholding them.

Have you ever had such an assured sense of God’s presence in your life? Has it ever manifested in an actual physical feeling? Did you have this experience in the presence of others or were you alone? How did you respond? Did this experience change anything for you? If you have not had such an experience, what do you imagine that might feel like? What would it change about the way you respond to both the good times and the hard times in life?

Today, find a place with the expectation of meeting God there. Minimize any distractions, breathe deeply, and be still. Recognize any senses you may have as the presence of God – it may be a pleasant smell or the feel of sunshine on your face, the sound of a bird or children playing, or it may be a feeling of calm. Each of these, if we take the time to notice, are a sign of God’s nearness.


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