Plotting Against Change

It’s funny how we react to change – both as individuals and as a faith community.

Read John 12:1-11.

Many of us have paid attention to the story of Martha serving and Mary anointing, acts of discipleship that Jesus will later perform for his friends around the Seder table. We have shaken our heads as Judas pretends to have concern for the poor, knowing full well his concern is himself. I am sure I have read verses 9-11 at some point, but don’t think I have ever thought much about what happens here. Lazarus is the clearest evidence of Jesus’ power and ability to restore life to one who was dead. The story of Lazarus’ resurrection is shaking up the status quo in the religious community and the leaders feel threatened enough by it that they want to kill him.

It’s funny how we react to change – both as individuals and as a faith community. Even when we can see that a person is being transformed by their faith in positive ways, if it affects us in any way, we may plant seeds of doubt (“I wonder how long it will last this time.”) or question the legitimacy of what they say has changed. Even when we see new ministries or worship styles bearing fruit for others, we may downplay its effectiveness because it doesn’t speak to us. What if, instead of resenting or resisting change, we celebrate new life and growth? What changes have you resented or resisted in the past that have proven to be positive or even life-giving? What changes are happening right now that may feel uncomfortable, but have the potential for positive outcomes?

In prayer, offer yourself to God, confessing your resistance to change and ask for an open, flexible spirit.


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