Reign of Righteousness

We can see Jesus as just this kind of king.

Read Psalm 72.

In this prayer for King Solomon, petition is made that the king would be gifted with the spirit of God’s justice and righteousness. In executing these gifts, his time of leadership would feel refreshing like rain, and would usher in a time of peace and flourishing for all who are subject to his reign. Other nations would look to the example of this king’s leadership and see the marks of a nation committed to caring for those in need, to dismantling systems of oppression and violence. He would see the humanity in those who are suffering and be grieved by their pain as if they were his own children.

As with yesterday’s reading, we can see Jesus as just this kind of king – one who is just and righteous, who ushers in peace, who cares for the poor and the outcast, whose power is shown in acts of mercy, compassion, and radical welcome.

In what ways has following Jesus refreshed your spirit? How has he helped you to be more attentive to the need around you? How does the idea that you are precious in Jesus’ sight affect the way you see yourself and respond to the world?

In prayer, thank Jesus for his love and ask him to guide you into his ways.


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