If you could only choose one ritual of our faith tradition to pass along to younger generations, which would it be?

Read Joshua 5:9-12.

In this reading, the Israelites have finally settled in Canaan, the land promised to them as God spoke through Moses. They mark this new beginning with a celebration of the Passover, a perfect bookend to the first Passover that marked the start of their exodus from slavery in Egypt some forty years before. Gone are the days they will depend on God to provide manna as they wander. Now settled, they will sow and tend and harvest their own crops. The ritual of the Passover meal will help to remind the Israelites of what God has done and will continue to do on their behalf.

Think of some of the rituals of our Christian tradition. It may be baptism or communion, weddings or funerals, confirmation, singing the Doxology, saying the Lord’s prayer, or others. Of what do each of these help to remind us? What special memories do you have around some of these? Which is the most meaningful to you? If you could only choose one to pass along to younger generations, which would it be? Why?

Today, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s abundant provision and promise-keeping.


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