What God has done in Christ is worth celebrating!

Read Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has opened the gate of righteousness. We can enter fully into the court of relationship with God, redeemed, restored, and renewed. We can rejoice with each day we are given. We can share with others the many ways we see God at work in and through us, in and through others, in and through the world. Many times, we begin the day with the best of intentions for a joyous, gracious, and grateful spirit. We commit ourselves to open hearts and willing hands, but find our minds distracted and our energy flagging. And before long, we may be grumbly, impatient, and critical.

What prevents you from entering God’s court with praise? What distracts you from rejoicing? What keeps you from living in the fullness of Christ’s saving, life-giving grace?

Today, watch the following video:

Rescuer by Rend Collective

Clap your hands, move your feet, and let a spirit of joy overtake you. Let go of your inhibitions. What God has done in Christ is worth celebrating!


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