Save Us!

The word “hosanna” is translated as “save us”.

Read Mark 11:1-11.

The picture of Jesus, a grown man, straddling the foal of a donkey paints an almost comical picture. We can just see his feet dragging on the ground or maybe supporting some of his weight to the relief of the small animal. These images are in stark contrast to what it might have looked like when Herod or a Roman authority would have entered the city. They would have been brought in by well-trained, stately-looking horses, surrounded by all the trappings of power and prestige. People would have had to gaze up at them, while Jesus would have been right at eye level. And yet, who do the crowds cry out to?

The word “hosanna” is translated as “save us”. What did these crowds expect this humble man to do? From whom or what did they need to be saved? Something convinced this crowd that the answer to their prayers could be found not in power and prestige, but in humility and servant leadership. We often look to those with the most power and the loudest voice to save us from whatever we feel is broken in our world, but it is often those who serve in quiet ways that have the biggest impact.

In your prayers today, thank God for those humble souls who have had a powerful impact on your life and in the world.


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