Shallow Faith

What does God desire instead of shallow words of praise?

Read Psalm 50.

In this chapter, we hear God calling the faithful to account for themselves – specifically, the lack of impact that their practice of worship has on their lives. No matter how often we come to church, no matter how beautifully crafted our prayers are, no matter how perfect a picture we try to paint of our life, God sees what lies underneath. All the “God-talk” in the world cannot hide our habits of gossiping or lying or tearing others down or taking for granted the life we have been given and all the possibilities this life holds.

What does God desire instead of shallow words of praise? A life full of thanksgiving – a life that reflects gratitude for all of creation, expressed in treating all things and all people (including ourselves) as the intentionally-crafted handiwork of God. A life in which our words and our actions reflect the image and the values of the One we worship. At the heart of this psalm of judgment lies verse 15. “Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” Even when we have fallen short in our efforts to be who God would have us be, we can rest on this promise.

Offer an honest prayer of confession, acknowledging your sin and find comfort in God’s mercy.


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