Shining Light

How do you shine light into the lives of others?

Read Isaiah 49:1-7.

In this reading, Isaiah shares his conviction that God formed him in his mother’s womb, protecting and uniquely equipping him for two express purposes: to turn Israel back to God and to be light that would draw those outside the faith to the Lord. God would redeem Israel from the Assyrians and the leaders of other nations would take notice. They would wonder how a nation brought to its knees would stand strong once again, rather than buckling under the weight of their oppressors. Through the great prophet, they would understand that it was only through the steadfast faithfulness of a benevolent God.

In what ways have you been equipped to point to God in word and deed? What are your unique gifts? How do you shine light into the lives of those who may not know God, who actively reject God, or who have a lukewarm sense of their faith?

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the gifts you have been given, and for the gifts others have used to draw you to God and to shine light into the darkness of the world.


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