Spacious Place

When has God brought you to the “spacious place”?

Read Psalm 66:1-12.

This is a song that celebrates God’s way of creating a path to freedom. For the Israelites held captive in Egypt, God parted the Red Sea, allowing the Hebrews to cross on dry land before Pharoah’s army could catch them. We can picture the weight of slavery behind them, Pharoah’s army close on their heels, the wall of water on either side as they crossed, threatening to collapse over them. And then, stepping out onto dry land on the other side, the open horizon ahead. What a relief it must have been! The only reasonable response would have been to praise God.

How has God brought you through difficult times? When has God brought you to the “spacious place”? What might that look like or feel like to you? Offer a prayer of praise today.


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