Speaking Peace

In what ways do you use your voice to bring peace?

Read Psalm 29.

In this psalm of praise, we think again about the voice of God. God’s voice has the power to rule over the chaos of the waters, to uproot the strongest trees, and to stir up mighty winds. To the psalmist, the only response to God’s power and centrality in both the natural world and in the human realm is to shout, “Glory!” And yet, what is the last breath of this hymn? Peace. The psalmist seems to understand that attaining peace is a task that only God can manage – that on a scale of difficulty, it is on the level with fires, floods, and earthquakes.

Think about your voice. What kind of power is behind your voice? How do you use your voice? In what ways do you use your voice to bring peace? How could we, as a faith community, join our voices as a collective call for peace and unity?

Today, offer a prayer for peace in homes, communities, nations, and the world.


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