Superiority Complex

This psalm celebrates the God of all nations.

Read Psalm 47.

Some might think this this call to praise is all about the superiority of Israel over all other nations. But this psalm celebrates the God of all nations. “God is king over the nations…the princes of the people gather just as the people of the God of Abraham.” God isn’t God just for the children of Israel. And Israel’s success at that time had nothing to do with their own superiority, but with what God had done. “[God] subdued peoples under us, and nations under our feet. [God] chose our heritage for us.”

Sometimes, I get caught up in my own superiority complex, thinking I am smarter, more thoughtful, or more talented than others. In those moments, I fail to recognize the source of any intelligence, kindness, or skill: the God of All Creation.

Are there times you catch yourself thinking this way? Maybe you don’t think this way about yourself as an individual. But do you ever feel like your family, your church, your chosen political party, or your nation are somehow superior – somehow more favored by God? How can we offer gratitude for our many blessings, while remaining humble?

Today, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the way God blesses all people and all nations.


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