The Gospel Unplugged

The message of the cross does not need to be dressed up.

Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-12.

As he continues his discussion on wisdom, Paul insists that the power of the gospel isn’t found in how well it’s presented. The message does not require beautifully crafted words or complicated theological arguments. Using himself as an example, Paul points out that conveying the good news of Jesus Christ with humility, genuineness, and authenticity is what guides people towards spiritual wisdom and maturity.

The message of the cross does not need to be dressed up. It doesn’t need flashy gimmicks or someone who has the looks of a movie star, the brain of a Rhodes scholar, or the voice of Morgan Freeman. It is enough on its own. God sent Jesus to live our life, die our death, and rise victorious, all for love. Christ crucified on the cross is the visible sign of God’s love and desire to save humankind from the destruction of their own sin.

If you were tasked with sharing the message of Christ crucified, what would be important to say? How would you boil it down to a clear, unadorned testimony?

In prayer, ask God for the courage to be honestly, genuinely you no matter where or with whom you find yourself.


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