The One, True God

The theme of abundant life is repeated throughout the psalms as a reminder that true life comes from God alone.

Read Psalm 16.

One of the reoccurring themes in the Psalms is that God’s path is the way to abundant life. In the 16 psalm, we see this theme played out once again, “I have no good apart from you”, “you show me the path of life”, “your presence is full of joy.” I believe this theme is repeated so many times in this and many of the psalms is because we need to be reminded that true life comes from God.

I often see myself reflected in verse 4, “those who choose another god multiply their sorrows.” Almost daily, I run after other gods. Some of those gods are materialism, seeking power, trying to be an “insider”, seeking approval of others, being entertained, and countless others. Generally, though, all that running to these gods only leaves my heart full of sorrow.

What other gods contend for your attention? What spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, worship, singing, study, etc…do you use to refocus your mind and heart on the Lord? How do these practices lead you to abundant life?

In prayer, commit yourself to centering your attention, thoughts, words, and actions on the One True God.


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