The Open Gate

In this call to praise, the community is called to acknowledge and offer thanks for God’s faithfulness.

Read Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24.

This is a call to praise. The psalmist has been delivered by the Lord from a tight spot and calls upon the whole community to acknowledge and offer praise for God’s faithfulness. As I read these verses, I can think of no fewer than five songs inspired by them. One is “This is the Day,” which I learned as a child in Sunday school. Another is, “The Building Block,” which I learned at church camp. Are there any songs these verses make you think of?

Think of a time when you were in a tight spot. What part do you think the Lord had in delivering you from it? Did you recognize it as God’s work at the time? As Christians, we read this psalm as not only pointing back at what God has done, but also pointing forward to what God will do through Christ. How does reflecting on God’s redemptive work in the past help you to look at your future with hope?

As an expression of praise, hum, sing, or listen to one of the songs that these verses have called to mind.


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