Think on These

Instead of focusing on our differences, we should keep our minds on whatever leads to peace and unity.

Read Philippians 4:1-9.

In this letter of encouragement, Paul urges the resolution of a specific conflict, reminding the community that even in their disagreement, they are all working toward the same goal of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Instead of focusing on their differences, they should keep their minds on whatever leads to peace and unity. They should be gentle and full of joy, honest and fair. Sticking to the values upon which the church was built is essential to their mission.

What have been some of the conflicts within the church – locally and generally? Have you ever been directly involved in these conflicts? Were you a part of the resolution? Besides time, what made reconciliation possible?

Today, offer a tense situation within the church to God. It may be something in the local church, in the denomination, or churches in general. Find assurance that God cares about God’s church and is already working on, in, and through it.


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