Weighed Down

Negativity has the potential to weigh us down.

Read Psalm 9:9-20.

In vs. 13 we read, “See what I suffer from those who hate me; you are the one who lifts me up from the gates of death.” Most of us have few people who actually hate us, but we may have people who don’t understand us, who don’t get where we’re coming from when we try to express ourselves, or who feel compelled to argue against our position on a given topic. This negativity has the potential to weigh us down, to make us afraid to show ourselves for who we really are or may make us defensive and reactive.

What if instead of giving in to the weight of negativity, we allowed God to lift us up by dedicating ourselves to living according to our understanding of God’s love and mercy? What if instead of becoming frustrated or reacting harshly, we decide that maybe the best thing we can do is pray for ourselves and for the other person, trusting in God’s healing and merciful care?

Think of a person who tends to “weigh you down”. Offer a prayer for that person, for your relationship with that person, and trust that God will do something with your prayer.


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