Dancing for the Lord

Bringing the ark to Jerusalem, the entire company danced before the Lord with all their might, celebrating God's presence.

Read 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19.

The ark of God was a wooden box that held the tablets given to Moses while encountering God on Mt. Sinai. It symbolized the presence and the accompanying of God for the Hebrew people through both difficult and joyful times. The ark was a holy relic that was moved from place to place with extreme reverence. It would have been appropriate for David to bring the ark to Jerusalem with solemnity as he reflected on the ways God had delivered Israel throughout the generations. Instead, the entire company danced before the Lord with all their might. They recognized that it was not the relic they were worshiping, but the One to whom it pointed.

What experiences or symbols help us to have “eyes to see” or “ears to hear” the presence of God? There are signs of Emmanuel (God-with-us) all around, but we must take on the practice of noticing. How can we keep the object or the person or the experience from becoming the focus of our devotion? When you see God in the vibrant color of a flower or hear God in the laughter of a child or feel God in the brush of the breeze, how do you respond – with solemnity, with leaping and dancing, or something in between?

Today when you see or hear evidence of God’s presence, respond with more enthusiasm and joy than you normally would, then reflect on the effect it has on your attitude or mood.


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