Gathered Together

In what way have you experienced the Holy Spirit?

Read Acts 2:1-21.

In this reading, the disciples are gathered together ten days after Jesus has just ascended into heaven. They are waiting in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had instructed. And when it comes, it’s loud and powerful, like the rush of a mighty wind. It sets their hearts ablaze. In other passages, the Spirit enters with gentleness, much like a descending dove.

In what way have you experienced the Holy Spirit? What do you think is the significance of the variety of languages the disciples were suddenly able to speak? What does it say about who God includes? What languages might the Spirit be calling you to speak—that of other generations, of other educational backgrounds, of other cultural backgrounds, etc.?

In prayer, ask God to inspire you to share the Gospel with someone you might not normally do so.


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