On Pride and Humility

Where does pride prevent you from being humble?

Read Acts 4:1-12.

In this passage, we have Peter and John running up against opposition once again. What Peter and John are saying about resurrection is contrary to what this elite delegation believes. And the fact that so many everyday, run-of-the-mill Jews are embracing the good news that the apostles are sharing is a threat to the power these men have been given. If people start thinking about God for themselves, what’s next? Their motive is clear. They’re going to put these upstarts in their place. They’re going to reclaim their own power and make an example of the disciples.

Think about how Peter and John respond. Instead of taking credit, they continue to point to Jesus as the source of the good that they have done. This humility is a vital trait in God’s kingdom. We see it in Jesus and we see it in these early apostles. What might be different about our world if humility among those with power was seen as an important value? What part does humility play in your own life? Where does pride prevent you from being humble?

Today, offer a prayer of thanksgiving, giving God credit where credit is due.


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