Water from a Rock

Blaming others is such a common reaction when basic needs are not being met.

Read Exodus 17:1-7.

Israel’s journey in the wilderness continues and they find themselves on the border of the land of Canaan. In the previous chapter, they were hungry and God provided manna. Here, they are thirsty and they immediately look for someone to blame. This is such a common reaction when basic needs are not being met. Their misery keeps them from seeing that Moses is just as thirsty as they are. But instead of turning his anger back on the people, Moses turns to God. God’s provision involves Moses surrounding himself with a few trusted friends and working together to find the rock from which water would spring forth.

Where, in your life, are you experiencing physical, spiritual, relational, or emotional thirst? Who are you tempted to blame? If you followed Moses’ example and sought out the healing, sustaining waters of God, who would you take with you?

In prayer, thank God for healing that has already taken place in your life, for those God has provided as companions on your way, and ask for the grace to refrain from blaming and to forgive others.


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