A Prayer for Leaders

May God guide every leader in ways that lead to peace and unity and the common good.

Read Psalm 20.

This is a psalm that pronounces blessing over the king. Those who would have been singing these words would understand that their own safety is tied up with the success of the king. I have noticed that I am much more inclined to pronounce blessing over leaders with whom I agree, but judgment on leaders with whom I do not agree.

This psalm is an important lesson about truly praying blessing over our leaders – even ones we don’t like – because our well-being is often tied to their success. We should not celebrate when the economy goes bad under a leader we do not like. People’s lives are affected when that happens. We shouldn’t relish the chance to say, “I told you so” or “Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for her,” when crime rates soar. There are people who are not safe going about their everyday lives. Instead, we should pray that every leader has God on their side and trust that God will guide them in ways that lead to peace and unity and the common good.

Today, pray for leaders – in schools, in the workplace, in churches, and in all levels of government. Make a special point to pray a blessing over leaders with whom you disagree.


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